Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 17.2

Evida's Indo Romance

So I’m not sure if I translated the title of the chapter correctly because it would make sense a little later, but not in this particular chapter.

Anyway, I just wanted to let all the readers know that I will be going on a hiatus for a bit to focus on school and work, Evida will continue to translate the next chapters. I will continue from where I left off (Chapter 18) on my own blog, but it won’t be updated on a regular basis as I will only be translating when I have time. I’m sorry for the short notice because I forgot to mention it in the last chapter. I just wanted to thank all of you guys for all the support as that was my greatest motivation! Thanks for all the love!

The Mrs. Long San Who Wishes To Be Divorced Part II

The fourth day after…

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