Update & Poll

Hi everyone! I’m adding a poll for everyone to vote in what they want to see next. I have a two day Fall break, so I’m excited to release something for you guys. I’ve basically come down to these three options. First option is summaries of DFPD chapters instead of translations, which will naturally not be as detailed, nor will it be as engaging in terms of character interaction, but there will be more chapters. The second option is translations of DFPD which is what I’ve been doing, which will be more detailed and closer to the original, but less chapters will be released in the same span of time. Or if people are more interested in seeing something new, I could start translating a new novel, or summarize the chapters. If there is a book you’ve been dying to read, comment below (or leave the ssb or online novel link), and I will take a look at it, and if it’s within my interest and ability, I’ll translate/summarize it! Of course, I will continue translating DFPD even if I start a new novel, but I will be switching b/w the two instead of just translating one in that case.


First Post!

Falling Stars, Falling Sky

Falling Stars, Falling Sky

Hi! This is my first post, and I’m not yet sure what I’ll be posting about, but it will most likely consist of my art, prose, and translations. Above is a drawing I finished a few months ago that I felt like sharing. Enjoy!