Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 19


I want to first give thanks to everyone for your support, it’s definitely made me decide to continue translating and also given me motivation. I’ve been on hiatus for a really long time, and I honestly didn’t think it would be that long, but I’ve unfortunately been stressing out over school, and I can only blame myself for deciding to major in three different fields on top of familial duties. That obviously doesn’t completely excuse me for not translating for so many months, as I do sometimes have time to squeeze in for translating a part of a chapter or a whole chapter now and then, but I always end up using that time to either sleep or read for relaxation and de-stressing. In any case, I just didn’t want to disappoint everyone and make you guys think it was just because I was on a whole ‘nother level of lazy (though that may be true too -_-;)

Anyway, this chapter is definitely long overdue, but let’s just say some changes will be happening in the next few chapters following this one. This chapter picks up from Feng Ning punching Long San (or attempting to anyway), and a short battle ensues.

Also, I am once again reminded of my pitiful image searching skills. Forgive me for the picture-less chapter. I couldn’t find any suitable ones after an hour of searching ;_;

I’ll be replying to comments after a night’s rest hopefully! Thanks again for all the support! You have no idea how much it helps 🙂



Chapter 19 – The Impressively Powerful Mrs. Long San

Feng Ning’s fist was surprisingly quick, but her loud shout gave away her intent, Long San’s skill was not inferior, so his response was naturally also swift, with a slight tilt of his body, he easily avoided it. Feng Ning, missing her mark, did not stop, and moved forward to strike again. Long San raised his arm and blocked, supporting her small arm. Feng Ning turned her hand over, sliding upwards along his arm, changing her hand into a fist, going straight for his stomach.

“Hey, not bad.” Long San generously praised, then retreating fast as lighting, with a twist of his foot, whirled around and moved towards Feng Ning’s side, Feng Ning not even bothering to look, spun around, leaped up with a kick, sweeping towards his lower half.

The two of them went back and forth, rapidly exchanging ten blows. Long San was inwardly amazed, this Feng Ning not only knew martial arts, but was also unexpectedly an expert at it. The first time he met her after she had lost her memories, she had been in the middle of fighting with two hoodlums. But at that time, he didn’t actually see her fight much, so he had assumed she only knew some basic self-defense, it was only alright, nothing special. Who would’ve thought, this time in a serious match, her talent was far from alright, it was absolutely, extremely good. She had jokingly said she could be an assassin, in actuality that was indeed just a huge truth.

The more Feng Ning fought, the happier she got, she actually didn’t know exercising her muscles was such a relaxing and pleasing thing to do. Long San’s martial arts was excellent, allowing her to let herself go completely and compete properly, Feng Ning truly felt extremely overjoyed.

But before she could satisfy her craving for fighting, a burst of footsteps could be heard from a distance, Feng Ning panicked, pulling Long San with her and leaping on to the rooftop. Very quickly they saw several soldiers running over, probably hearing the sound of movement and coming over to look.

Long San seeing Feng Ning’s face full of guilt, inwardly found it funny. She was often one moment a tiger mother baring her fangs and claws, and then the next moment a little kitten licking her paws.

Underneath the roof, several soldiers very quickly made a round of inspection. Apart from the kitchen containing signs of having been messed with, there didn’t seem to be anything suspicious. The servant who had gone to the kitchen earlier came over and spoke a few words to the soldiers, probably telling them of San Ye using the kitchen, the soldiers perhaps worried that someone may have invaded, still carefully inspected another three times.

Feng Ning held Long San’s arm and sat on the roof waiting. Waiting, waiting, she yawned twice in a row, and finally unable to bear it anymore, nudged Long San: “Long San, I’m tired.”

“En.” Long San pretended not to understand.

Feng Ning yawned again, and said: “Go send them away ah, I want to go back and sleep.”

“Do it yourself, if it weren’t for you making such a racket, we would’ve already been asleep at this point. The mess you started, clean it up yourself.”

“But I am San Furen[1] ah, discovered hiding on the rooftop in the middle of the night, I’ll lose face.”

“I’m this household’s San Ye[2] ah, discovered hiding on the rooftop in the middle of the night, I’ll lose face.”

“So then why did you hide? So annoying.” Feng Ning’s temper rose again at her tiredness.

“You were the one that pulled me up.”

“So why were you pulled up by me.” Feng Ning buried her head in his chest: “I don’t care, I’m sleeping.” She squeezed herself into his chest, pulled his arm round her head, and actually without a care, shut her eyes ready to sleep.

Long San stiffened and blanked out on the spot, this Feng Ning was always able to do things he did not expect. The soldiers below were still diligently making their rounds, while this master of the house was foolishly sitting on the rooftop holding an odd woman who should have been divorced but is instead unabashedly sleeping.

He helplessly lowered his head to look at her, she really was extremely tired, having fallen asleep so fast, her breathing steady and constant, sleepiness seemingly from having eaten her fill and then exercising. Pity on this having-prepared-the-food-and-accompanied-to-fight so-called husband, indeed, no matter how he thought about it, he was at a total disadvantage.

Finally after waiting with great difficulty for the people below to leave, Long San held Feng Ning and transported her back to the room. When he placed her onto the bed, she woke up in a daze, mumbling a few words, and turning over. Long San helped her cover herself with the blanket, she once again muttered a few words, Long San finally couldn’t help but ask: “What are you saying, I can’t tell.”

Feng Ning replied with her eyes closed: “The divorce certificate should also have a pig hoof print sealed on, only then will it be valid.”

These words nearly made Long San’s face contort with anger, Feng Ning unaware of this continued to speak: “You guys bully me, my mother and father also don’t protect me…….” The rest Long San didn’t hear clearly, but still felt his heart soften. He stroked Feng Ning’s head and quietly said: “Sleep ah, don’t think of these foolish thoughts.”

Feng Ning rubbed against his palm, and fell asleep again. Long San tidied up and blew out the light. After a while, he felt Feng Ning move towards his side, limbs moving, breathing chaotic. Long San reached out and held her hand: “Don’t panic, there’s no water, no river.”

Feng Ning subconsciously held tight onto his hand, for a long time leveling out her breathing, and as if in a dream, quietly whispered: “Long San, don’t abandon me.”

Long San looked at the ceiling of the bed, and for a long time, could not fall sleep.

The following days, Long San became very busy and didn’t have the chance to settle the matter of divorce. In reality, he also didn’t know how to settle it. He knew in his heart there was no possibility for them to develop any further, but he also didn’t have the heart to abandon her regardless at this time.

But she would go to Long San to request snacks, would go to Long San to request whatever new novel, amusing plaything. In the daytime, if she was unable to see Long San, she would then hide in her own courtyard, and only at night would she jabber on about all the accumulated things she wanted to say in the day and tell it to him.

Long Er didn’t say anything, but was actually taking advantage of the busy days to drag Long San around everywhere, decreasing any opportunities of interactions between Long San and Feng Ning. So much that even a few proper young ladies that had expressed goodwill towards Long San, Long Er also intentionally or otherwise encouraged and spread rumors. Long San originally already loved making friends, with a chivalrous and magnanimous conduct, so both male and female friends indeed he had many, and with Long Er’s stirring up, somehow Jianghu began to have rumors circulate that the distinguished San Shao[3] had the intention of settling down.

Yu Mama also changed her attitude of ignoring Feng Ning, and began to demand a good deal towards particular etiquettes, customs, and practices in daily life. Feng Ning did not say anything, but in her heart she understood, they wanted to have her take the initiative to request to leave.

Today, Feng Ning was alone in her courtyard playing, using stones to create a maze and walking in it, while discussing to herself: “Leave or not? If I leave and am sad, what to do? If I don’t leave, and am even more sad, what to do?”

Just as she hesitated, Long San arrived, getting right to the point saying: “There are some three stores that have had problems, the shopkeeper and assistants have all been murdered. Er Ge and I have to go over, you obediently stay at home, don’t go out, and listen to Yu Mama.”

“Oh.” Feng Ning was listless, still stuck thinking on the difficult decision on whether to leave or not.

Long San patted her head: “I already talked to Yu Mama, you can go over to her place to sleep at night.” And also handed her a bag: “Shortcakes, the ones you like.”

“En.” Feng Ning lazily received it.

Her being like this, Long San also didn’t know what to do, and could only say: “Then I’m going, be obedient.”

Feng Ning nodded, Long San looked at her again a few times, then turned around and went out the door. Not long after he walked out, Feng Ning suddenly came running after him: “Long San, Long San……”

Long San halted his footsteps, turned around and walked over, Feng Ning said: “I’ve thought it through, the longer I stay, the more I don’t want to leave.” She bit her lips, lowered her head looking at the tips of her shoes. Long San’s heart sank, listening to her continue: “This time after you finish this matter and return, just send me back to my parents’ home okay? Actually, wherever I go it’s the same, originally when I awoke here, didn’t I also not know anything? Staying for a long time, naturally one will become accustomed to it, returning to my parents’ home, who knows, they may care for me more ah.”

Long San was speechless, Feng Ning spoke again: “If I think of anything, or inquire about something, I will write to you. I’ll also be able to better understand exactly what the situation on my family’s side is, perhaps it really is their wrong, and I can try to persuade them.

Long San looked at her, and could only say after a while: “Wait for me to return.”

Feng Ning fiercely nodded her head: “You must come back quickly ah, my determination may not endure for very long. This really made me very hesitant, so it is still better to quickly cut the knot [4] and get it over with.”

Long San nodded, turned and left, that’s right ah, quickly cut the knot, if even she can make this resolve, what is he still struggling about.

Behind him, Feng Ning loudly spoke again: “Long San, you must come back quickly ah, I’ll wait for you.” She watched as his quickly disappearing figure waved his hands. Suddenly she felt the rims of her eyes heat up, she was waiting for him, but it was waiting to separate from him.

Feng Ning suddenly felt regretful, why did she have to be so impulsive and say those words ah? He was clearly about to leave, she could have just waited for him to come back and then talk to him properly, at least this way there was still more time to think it over, what was the point of her quick mouth.

But she was afraid, she was always afraid, she was afraid of being alone, afraid of going hungry, afraid that she was a bad person, afraid of drowning. She was even more afraid of that type of feeling where everyone knows, but she herself does not.

Feng Ning was the type of person to act on her thoughts, so she told Yu Mama her intention, asking her about matters pertaining to her parents’ home and Huzhou. Yu Mama actually did not know much about these affairs, but seeing Feng Ning taking the initiative to request to leave, she felt satisfied, and so informed her on everything she knew, and the two actually peacefully passed two days.

On the third day in the middle of the night, Feng Ning, for some reason suddenly woke up, gasping and holding her stomach, trying to recall. Did she have a nightmare? Yu Mama was deep in sleep, steadily snoring, Feng Ning listened, listened, and suddenly realized, it wasn’t a nightmare, it was the sound of movement coming from outside. There was danger!

She sat up suddenly and ran to the edge of the door barefoot. This time she heard it clearly, there was a loud shout outside: something had caught on fire. Every inch of her body was alert, the Long House rules are extremely strict, the inventory shall not be out-of-place, and there are also specially assigned night patrols. These last few days there has been moist weather, how could it easily catch on fire?

And it just happened to catch fire while the masters of the house were out?

Feng Ning rapidly turned around, flew over to the bedside and pushed Yu Mama: “Mama, quick, wake up, there’s danger.” As she pushed the person awake, she simultaneously grabbed her clothes, Yu Mama was still barely responding, and in the middle of asking what the matter was, when suddenly there came a quiet muffled shout from outside.

Mama was also someone who experienced many situations before, and immediately understood. She quickly put on her clothes, loudly calling for the maid Xiao Si, but the response she received from outside was only the sound of yells and fighting. It seemed the assassins have already begun fighting with the guards.

Feng Ning ran to the window side, opened it, and looked out, but at once a short fire arrow flew in with a “whoosh”. Feng Ning subconsciously dodged and hid, but remembered behind her was Yu Mama. In a moment of desperation she could only use her hand to swat the arrow, scalding her hand for a moment. Feng Ning did not have time to cry in pain, urgently closing the window.

The noise and shouts from outside got louder, many people were yelling “hurry put out the fire!”, Feng Ning turned around and said to Yu Mama: “I’m going to go out and take a look, then come back immediately and take you.”

She opened and closed the room door at light speed, took one look, and only saw a few flames in the distance, black smoke climbing higher, this side and the linking servants’ quarters in Yu Mama’s courtyard have all been hit [5].

The assassins were clad in nocturnal garments [6], only exposing a pair of eyes, one of them spotted Feng Ning, and with one leg kicked the Long bodyguard fighting him, and with a turn of his hand struck his blade towards Feng Ning.

Feng Ning gave a shout, raised her hand, and forged ahead, her figure skillful, flying fast and graceful, she landed in front of the assassin in a blink of an eye, avoiding the broadsword, and with her palm struck him in the stomach.

That person was shocked, and had still to react when Feng Ning once again closed in on him, reached out and grabbed his wrist, struck his ribs, kicked behind his knees, that person only felt a jolt of pain and numbness before falling on his knees, his broadsword also having been seized.

Feng Ning ruthlessly kicked him on his head, before that person could even grunt, he fell into a dead faint. With her martial art skills so powerful, and her actions so fierce, the assassins and Long family guards on one side were all dumbstruck. Feng Ning with a simple turn of her hand swung the broadsword straight into a tree on an elevated plane, an archer made a sound and toppled over.

Feng Ning shouted loudly: “Everyone don’t panic, and by no means scatter, line up into four rows of troops, and force them out of the courtyard.” In the midst of this messy battle, the guards could care less about much else, and hurriedly began executing her orders. Feng Ning leapt and landed in front of two maids, and with three strokes, forced the assassins attempting to kill them to withdraw, while shouting: “Those who don’t know martial arts, don’t run wildly around, go to Yu Mama’s room, and gather everyone to retreat together before the fire burns through.”

The head assassin shouted: “Leaving won’t be that easy. Today is the death of you Long Jia [7].”

Feng Ning jumped with the tips of her feet, with a short blade in her hand, burst forward into the battle with the intent to kill, she and that assassin exchanged ten blows, actually cutting down two people, and also forced that overconfident person to retreat to the courtyard gate.

The two sides actually came to a stalemate, that assassin slightly narrowed his eyes sizing up Feng Ning. Feng Ning raised her head up high, with an impressive presence standing before the guards, pointed the sword tip at that assassin: “You scoundrels, overestimating your abilities. Are you taking us Long Jia to be useless?”

[1] 三夫人San Furen – Third Madam, third lady of the house i.e. wife of the third son/lord.

[2] 三爷San Ye – Third lord

[3] 三少San Shao – Third young lord/young master

[4] 快刀斩乱麻kuài dāo zhǎn luàn má – lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp; an idiom that means to take decisive action in a complex situation, i.e. Cutting the Gordian knot.

[5] 这厢与余嬷嬷的小院连着的仆人大院里,均是打成了一片。– sorry I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired, but I couldn’t figure out how to translate the last part, unless it is meant literally, in which case, call me an idiot.

[6] 夜行衣Yèxíng yī – Nocturnal clothing/ night clothes (not pajamas), basically black garments usually with a cloth covering up most of the face to help blend in the dark. Think of ninjas if you will.

[7] 龙家Lóng jiā —Basically I’ve been replacing many different words for this term such as “Long Family” “Long House” “Long Mansion”, etc. Because the term in Chinese is very broad and embodies many different meanings, and so the translation changes in English under different contexts. I guess the closest translation to the reference above would be “you Longs”, but I just thought that looked and sounded funny, and more importantly, doesn’t incorporate the entire house of servants and guards that serve the actual ‘Longs’.

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