Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 18


I really have to commend all translators who are able to get such accurate photos for their translations. I have found that it is an impossible feat for me, and so I ask for forgiveness for my lack of ability to search for related photos T^T

sutekii: Hi karma I have found this pic, even though his not holding a candle I guess it’s close? 

Anyway, I forgot how much I loved this chapter. Long Fei and Feng Ning are way too cute when they bicker. And of course there’s always Feng Ning’s child-like attention span that ruins any kind of mood. Anyway, thank you everyone for being so patient with me, enjoy the ensuing cuteness~!

The Mrs. Long San Who Wants a Certificate of Divorce

Disclaimer: This chapter have been translated by karma.

Long San couldn’t make clear of what his feelings were exactly, he just sat there by the bedside, quietly watching Feng Ning. Watching, watching, suddenly feeling, why did it seem like she got somewhat thinner? It shouldn’t be ah, she had only gone for three days, no matter how hungry she got, she shouldn’t have gotten so skinny already. It must be his own misconception.

As he sat there dazed, staring directly at Feng Ning’s face, she abruptly opened her eyes, the two of them, looking at each other, both got a sudden fright.

“Did you have a nightmare again?” Long San quickly asked, covering up his own awkwardness.

Feng Ning had still not come around, no matter who it was, after opening their eyes and seeing themselves being stared at, naturally it would be hard to tell the situation ah. She blinked, then blinked again, seemingly having sobered up, then finally sincerely explained: “Long San, I’m hungry.”

“Hungry?” Long San stared at her astounded, he was suffering from all these frustrations, but this woman is actually able to fall asleep thinking of food.

“En[1]. So hungry, I woke up.” Feng Ning curled her lips, after waking up she felt increasingly hungry.

Long San really didn’t know what kind of reaction he should give her; how hungry could she be ah, even nightmares have run away. He turned his head, gave a look around his room, confirmed that there really wasn’t anything to eat, as a result he faced Feng Ning and shook his head: “It’s too late, I don’t have anything here to eat.”

Feng Ning was disappointed beyond words, she thought for a while, suddenly her eyes flashed: “Long San, let’s go to the kitchen.” Before she even finished speaking, she had jumped out of bed and started getting dressed.

This time Long San was truly startled, forgetting how he had said before that it was inconvenient for him to be there when she changed clothes, he was only occupied with asking: “Right now? In the middle of the night, to the kitchen?”

“En.” Feng Ning forcefully nodded; this appearance of being in great spirits, how is it anything like someone who is extremely tired, and made a fuss of wanting to sleep?

“At this time, the kitchen workers have all gone to sleep.”

“It’s not like we’re eating them, they can keep sleeping.”

“Then who will make you food?”

“Just heat the leftovers and it should be fine.” Feng Ning already finished dressing, pulled Long San along and ran outside.

Long San followed her rushing all the way towards the kitchen, and didn’t think of how her foraging for food had nothing to do with him. But this kind of sneaking in the night, like rats looking for food, was much too humiliating, he tried persuading again: “The kitchen stoves have all been extinguished, how can you warm anything? Just endure a little, tomorrow morning you will have breakfast to eat.”

“But I’m so hungry, so hungry it’s painful. In the temple, knowing there’s nothing to eat, I endured it; but at home, I still have to endure?” Feng Ning’s pitiful appearance, Long San’s heart was shaken by her words “at home”; she regarded this place as home ah.

The minute he got lost in thought, he was pulled into the kitchen by Feng Ning. There were no lights inside, in the darkness it was impossible to see the fingers of an outstretched hand; don’t know from where, Feng Ning found a candle and lit it, as though proud of her achievement, she shot a smile at Long San.

Long San helplessly held out his hand to take the candle; he looked at Feng Ning familiarly rummaging for food, honestly not wanting to know exactly how she became so familiar with the kitchen.  After a long while, Feng Ning couldn’t find anything. She pouted her lips and complained: “How can they have eaten up this cleanly ah? Not leaving a single thing behind.”

Long San sighed: “That’s only natural, the kitchen doesn’t leave any extra food overnight, the servants have to clean up completely before they can rest; that’s the rule.”

“That rule is no good.” Feng Ning hugged her sunken empty stomach feeling anxious: “I’m really so hungry, Long San my stomach is hungry.” Pitifulness penetrated through her big bright eyes: “When I get hungry, I feel unwell, when I feel unwell, I can’t sleep. Long San tell me, why do I have to go hungry even after coming home?”

She incessantly grumbled and cried, Long San couldn’t take it anymore: “Alright, alright, stop making noise, let me see what we have here?”

Feng Ning suddenly closed her mouth, looked at Long San: “You know how to cook food?”

Long San didn’t respond, only rummaged through the noodles, eggs, and vegetables in the kitchen, looked back and asked her: “Egg noodles should be good enough, right?”

Feng Ning was so happy her eyes bent smilingly, she forcibly nodded her head and said okay. Long San snappily distributed the work: “You go light the stove, boil the water.”

“Yes, San Ye.” Feng Ning answered energetically, grabbed the flint stone and started a fire on the stove, busily hurrying around joyfully. Long San cleaned his hands, grabbed the flour and rolled it into a small lump of dough, and set it to one side to soften, then set about to beating the eggs; he turned his head and took a look at Feng Ning in the middle of blowing hard to assist in lighting the fire on the stove, on her face a black smear, her earnest and serious expression actually looking exceptionally adorable.

A servant who had heard the noise ran over to look, seeing that it was San Ye in the kitchen making food, he had a sudden fright. As he was about to speak, Long San waved his hand at him, that servant then looked at the Mrs. Long San crouching on the floor, thought for a bit, nodded, and then withdrew. Once Feng Ning’s fire was up and ready, she turned around and ran over to inspect Long San’s progress, upon seeing the sturdy and bright lump of dough on one side, she happily cried out a “wa”, and praised: “Long San, you really are amazing, just looking at this dough is tasty.”

Long San finally couldn’t help laughing: “You’re even more amazing, you can tell it’s tasty by just looking.”

Feng Ning raised her head high: “Naturally, my husband made it, so it must be delicious.” She finished speaking, saw some green onions poking out from a vegetable basket, and hurriedly ran over, leaving Long San by himself feeling deeply moved by her words “my husband”.

“Long San, Long San, there’s green onions.” Feng Ning ran over, with a handful of green onions and placed it onto the counter: “Add this in, it’s fragrant.” She finished speaking, then ran off again.

Long San watched her run around in circles in the kitchen, and inwardly sighed. He threw aside his chaotic thoughts, spread out the dough, and rolled them into thin sections, slicing them into noodles. Before he finished cutting, he once again heard Feng Ning cheer: “There’s bacon, there’s bacon……” She held out the meat and once again ran over: “Put a little of this, it’s tasty.”

Long San finally couldn’t bear it anymore and used his sleeve to help her wipe the black smear off her face, and admonished: “Be a little quieter, don’t go waking everyone up.”

“Right, got to be quiet. If others were to come, these noodles won’t be enough.” Feng Ning earnestly nodded.

“Only know how to eat.”

Feng Ning happily laughed, and also reached her hand out to help Long San wipe the flour off his forehead. She leaned in close looking at him, and suddenly said: “Long San, you’re rather good looking.”

Long San felt his face warm up in a flash, he quietly coughed: “I don’t need you to tell me I look good, don’t think that flattery will get me to make you food, let me tell you, it’s only this time.”

“Hmph.” Feng Ning was dissatisfied: “Guessing the heart of other’s with one’s own measure [2], I was only saying the truth, yet you can still twist the meaning, you people, always make things so complicated. Boring.”

These words were like a needle piercing Long San’s heart, before he could even reply, Feng Ning pulled on his sleeve, fiercely shaking: “Water’s boiling, water’s boiling, quick, quick, noodles, noodles……”

Long San really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Alright then, actually, in her heart, food is still the most important ah. Whether he’s good-looking or not, distressed or not, she simply doesn’t take it to heart.

The bacon-green-onion-egg noodles was out of the pot very quickly, Feng Ning satisfyingly held the big bowl, buried her head in, and fiercely ate; her table manners was always far from graceful, but could nevertheless make people insatiably hungry; Long San watched, and watched, and unexpectedly also felt hungry. He grabbed the bowl over, and divided up Feng Ning’s half bowl; at first Feng Ning hugged the bowl in a dead hold, only after being glared at by Long San did she unwillingly hand it over, watching Long San take noodles, while on one side “wa wa” shouting: “Enough, enough, if you take more, there won’t be any left……you also want the meat? That’s no good ah. I’ll be responsible for the meat and eggs, okay? I won’t inconvenience you…… Stop taking, my heart hurts……really, please be lenient ah…….”


The more she shouted, the more Long San put into his own bowl, Feng Ning was extremely anxious, finally, Long San couldn’t bear to continue teasing her, and stopped his hands. Feng Ning looked at her bowl, then looked at his, confirmed that this bowl had more, only then muttered, and began eating again.

Long San never knew, the noodles he made could be this tasty, he often traveled throughout JiangHu, made some food, washed some laundry, taking care of his daily needs naturally was no problem; but this was the first time he ate such good noodles, no wonder Feng Ning ate until her cheeks were puffed up, a face full of satisfaction, this let Long San feel rather pleased with himself.

Full with noodles and broth, two silly idiots sat in the kitchen smiling at their empty bowls. Feng Ning rubbed her belly, and sighed: “So tasty, so content.”

Long San looked at her simple smiling face, and suddenly thought, how great would it be if she didn’t regain her memories.

“Feng Ning, do you still have any impression of your parents?”

“En?” Feng Ning inclined her head: “There’s none, I don’t remember anymore. Long San, tell me, what were my parents like?”

Long San didn’t reply, but asked again: “How far is Hu Zhou from here, do you know?”

Feng Ning sat up straight, seriously looking at him, after a long time, suddenly said: “Long San, you want to send me back to my parents’ home?”

“Didn’t you want to go home before?”

“But, we still haven’t found the treasure, and also the assassin that wanted to kill you, we also haven’t found.”

Long San dropped his gaze, restraining from telling her the stolen item was a fake, in actuality, they aren’t looking to find the treasure, but to find the criminal behind it, dig out the other side’s purpose and truth. Actually, sending her back to the Feng family, would be useful for the other clue.

He didn’t say anything, but Feng Ning understood: “I’m not of much use here anymore, am I?”

“Feng Ning…..” He really didn’t know what to say.

Feng Ning forcefully smiled: “I promised before, I know.” She looked at Long San, wanting to say that it was no problem, that it was the same wherever she went, but looking at him, she suddenly felt somewhat weak and frail. She ultimately stopped smiling, and honestly confessed: “But I’ll be scared, what to do? Right now I’m only familiar with you guys, only you treat me well, only you are willing to listen to me speak, you would help me fight bad guys, would accompany me to play, accompany me when I have nightmares……” The more she spoke, the quieter she got: “Could you just wait a little longer, wait until I remember something else, and then send me away?”

Long San felt somewhat embarrassed: “I never said we were sending you away right now.”

Feng Ning drooped her head: “But it’s something that will happen sooner or later isn’t it.”

Long San opened his mouth a few time, finally remained silent, what she said was true, it would happen sooner or later.

Feng Ning suddenly raised her head, smilingly said: “Long San, I have a plan, you guys don’t have to worry about me regaining my memories and playing dirty tricks or hanging on refusing to leave; why don’t you give me a certificate of divorce[3], first settle this divorcing matter, and then I can walk tall and continue living here.”

Long San said: “Is your brain empty, what are you thinking? After being divorced, then conversely walking tall? What kind of reasoning is that?”

“Aiya, you’re so stupid. First divorce me, then you guys can be at ease, later on, if I were to return to before, you guys can justly and confidently drive me away. Right now if I have the divorce certificate, it will show sincerity, and then of course I can be expected to continue living here. Wait until I have finished helping you guys find the treasure, capture the assassin, then at that time, I’m certain I won’t be scared anymore, and I will leave myself.”

Long San was stunned: “Can you be any dumber, do you know what a certificate of divorce is? Do you think it’s just casually writing a letter, to be used as a reminder and testimony?”

Feng Ning’s eyes narrowed: “Long San, you peeped at my letter.”

“It didn’t say I couldn’t. I thought it was left for me ah?” Long San easily and calmly lied.

Feng Ning choked, unable to refute, and instead threw a temper: “Doesn’t matter, give me a divorce certificate.”


“Then I’ll write it, I’ll divorce you.”

“You give it a try.” Long San raised his eyebrows: “See who would acknowledge it.”

Feng Ning seething, jumped up: “You Long residents are bullying me.”

Long San also stood up: “So?”

“I don’t care, I will have the divorce certificate.”

Long San ignored her, turned around and walked out the kitchen. Feng Ning chased after him: “Long San, Long San, you treat me the best, just let me live here at ease ah, I won’t go back on my word, really, once the matter is over, I’ll leave, don’t drive me away right now, I would rather have the certificate of divorce.”

Long San suddenly turned around, his nose in close contact with her’s: “Divorce certificate and three full meals, which do you choose?”

Feng Ning opened her mouth, foolishly standing for a while: “How can there be this kind of choice, how can anyone not let someone eat food?”

The corner of Long San’s mouth hooked upwards, slightly smiling, he spoke again: “Not wanting divorce certificate and not having someone to accompany to sleep, which do you choose?”

Feng Ning couldn’t even speak, she curled her lips and glared at him, after a long while, she fiercely threw a punch towards Long San’s face: “Tai! Watch my fist! You dare bully me? I’ll beat you up!”

[1]en  — Read as uhn/un as in nun. It’s basically a sound used in many different ways, but often used like ‘mm’ in English. Anyway, I decided to use ‘en’ instead as ‘mm’ doesn’t work for everything.

[2] 以小人之心度君子之腹 yǐ xiǎo rén zhī xīn duó jūn zǐ zhī fù – “Measure the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men”. A phrase basically meaning people with narrow minds, guessing the minds of good people with their narrow-minded views, when in actuality, it is not meant in that way.

[3] 休书xiū shū – certificate of divorce; In olden times, it was a letter more often than not written by the husband given to the wife to divorce her.

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  1. “Right, got to be quiet. If others were to come, these noodles won’t be enough.” Feng Ning earnestly nodded. <— lol had me laughing at Feng Ning, I have forgotten how cute and adorable she is.

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    • That would be a great help if you could *v* hahaha. I rely on you too much <33 thank you!!

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  2. Thanking you kindly for this translation, had been hungering for more for awhile. Thanking you so much again and wanting eagerly for more chapters to come in the near future. 🙂

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  4. Thanks so much for this entertaining chapter. I love how Long San is falling for her, but is a bit too stubborn to admit it. This is such a cute story.

    • You’re welcome 🙂
      I agree, it’s always super cute to watch the leads struggle in falling in love, except since this novel is 80+ chapters, it’s going to be a rough ride T^T

  5. How cute!!! cooking in the middle of the night for his wife!!

    Thank you so much for the updates, can’t wait to see the mystery has been solved. Is it still a long way to go?

    • Sorry for the late reply!

      Yes, there’s still a lot of time before the book reveals the mystery, but you might be able to solve it before it’s revealed as we go along.

  6. I started reading this last night and i was so caught in the story that I had to finish all the chapters. So it’s 6 in the morning and i’m looking at the date this was last updated(4 months ago) and i need to ask, will this story continue being translated? Is there any other site where I can read this?
    p.s. Thank you, because of you I was able to read such a fantastic story 🙂

    • Hahaha, I know what you mean, I did that for this novel when I started reading it too haha.
      and yes, I do plan on continuing, so sorry for the long hiatus. I’m planning on updating it during my Spring break which is coming up in about a week.
      Thank you so much, this comment made my day!!! ❤

  7. Thanks for the translations, I really enjoyed it. Feng Ning is honestly one of my favorite c-novel heroines right now, her shamelessness is adorable. I just can’t help squealing seeing how she affects Long San. Even though he’s constantly angry, I think he’s just frustrated that he’s falling for someone he knows he shouldn’t. Although the mystery is taking a backseat to the romance, I really don’t mind because I’m equally as invested in the charming OTP. I’m just really glad there’s no love triangles here. In the beginning when Long Er comes up, I really thought they might be in some sort illicit affair.

    Reading c-novel translations is really inspiring me to learn Mandarin. I’m a Chinese but my language skills are limited to only listening and speaking it. I hope I’ll be able to master the language properly soon and spread the c-novel love by translating like you did!

  8. Hi Karma,

    I found this website recently when I was searching for ancient novels.
    I was so happy and finished reading your translations in one night!!
    Ever since, I’ve been checking regularly for new updates. I saw in the previous comments that you said you would be updating during your March Break, so I came to say, ‘Jia Yo!’
    Thank you for translating this wonderful book and sharing it with the rest of us!

  9. Thanks a lot—-!
    I commented on the previous chapters on the other site. Oh well…!
    Anyway, this chapter was super cute! Ahaha, long san’s been thinking about whether to send her back to her family home/divorce her, but when feng ning herself asks for it, he refuses! What was that saying? Meals taste better when eating with someone? Really applies to long san, huh? And feng ning, too! Feng ning is as adorable as ever!

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