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Hi everyone! I’m adding a poll for everyone to vote in what they want to see next. I have a two day Fall break, so I’m excited to release something for you guys. I’ve basically come down to these three options. First option is summaries of DFPD chapters instead of translations, which will naturally not be as detailed, nor will it be as engaging in terms of character interaction, but there will be more chapters. The second option is translations of DFPD which is what I’ve been doing, which will be more detailed and closer to the original, but less chapters will be released in the same span of time. Or if people are more interested in seeing something new, I could start translating a new novel, or summarize the chapters. If there is a book you’ve been dying to read, comment below (or leave the ssb or online novel link), and I will take a look at it, and if it’s within my interest and ability, I’ll translate/summarize it! Of course, I will continue translating DFPD even if I start a new novel, but I will be switching b/w the two instead of just translating one in that case.

12 thoughts on “Update & Poll

    • Hahaha, I’m actually surprised at the amount of votes for full translation, because for some reason I thought people would prefer more chapter summaries over less amount of full translations.

      That sounds interesting, if her character is anything like SQQ, I am totally for it. The only thing Qiqi lacks in is her irrational love for MWC. He’s let her down so many times, I’m not sure it makes sense that she holds on to hope despite that and despite always saying that she won’t hold onto any hopes, but then grasping onto the tiniest bit of affection that he gives her. Anyway, I’m excited to have a new book added to my to-read list *v* thanks sutekii ❤

      • You’re welcome. ^^ I guess if they can have the full translation, people rather read that?

        I started on that book slowly, but everyone I recommended to loved it to bits

    • Hahaha, it’s funny because I remember eyeing that book and hoping for someone to translate it. I wasn’t a fan of the plot line, but after reading xiaoyuer’s translation, I suddenly really wanted to read it. I think I’ll keep that one as an option because I’m thinking of starting a summary/translation of a new novel so that I don’t get too unmotivated translating DFPD. So I’ll let you know if I decide to translate it! Thanks for the recommendation! :)) <33

  1. Karma , me too i’m happy read anything you translate hihi . If you want continue DFPD i also vote full detail translation , or u can give us other c.novel with happy ending i hope 😀

    • Awh, thankss ❤ Hahahhaa, I'm the same as you, happy endings are probably the kind of novels I'd rather translate because my fragile heart can't handle the sad ones . I'll be continuing with full translations of DFPD because it got the most votes, and maybe I'll start a new c novel so that I don't get too unmotivated with DFPD ~

  2. Tq karma, but so sorry to say this, can u summary for us the eastern palace ending, i’m actually big fan, but since u and suteki drop the project, I can’t do anything, I just wanna know the end and the major story

    • I would love to do that for you, but the biggest problem is that I was only translating as I read, so I haven’t actually read the entire novel. Right now I haven’t really had time to go read any novels or translate except during breaks, so maybe I can read the ending and summarize it for you during a break.
      Also, I think if you check the link for Eastern Palace on SSB, there should be most of it summed up for you in the comments section. And if I’m not wrong, there are several parts also translated on xiaoyuer’s blog (with spoilers in the comments too.); so I suggest going there if all you want is a summary!
      Once you read it, if you still want me to summarize the novel and the ending, I’ll be glad to do it maybe during winter break. 🙂

  3. I’m happy with anything as well but I do look forward to reading more of Hua Xu Yin. I know hui3r got some chapters translated and since the project has been in hiatus, I was hoping someone would pick that up.

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