Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 9

Evida's Indo Romance

Hi! I didn’t introduce myself in the last chapter, but I’m karma who will be collaborating in translating Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances with Evida! I have to praise her for doing such a great job with translating even without knowing how to read or speak Chinese, and I also want to thank her for letting me join the project! Aside from that, I also wanted to give a disclaimer that my Chinese is not perfect as I’m an American born Chinese and have only ever visited China once for a very brief period, so my Chinese is limited, as I do not know a lot of terms and phrases (and Chinese love their phrases), especially when it comes to ancient Chinese novels (AKA Classical Chinese). I only knew very basic colloquial spoken Mandarin Chinese and didn’t actually know how to write or read anything except the simplest of words until…

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