Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 6

Evida's Indo Romance


We finally get to meet Long San, although in a somewhat treacherous way. Feng Ning can now have a chance to try to understand her pre-amnesia life.

Dear husband of Mrs. Long San Returns

Feng Ning stood waiting to hear the two men behind the swordsman Big Brother saying: “You, with his blood in him to write me a beast, you, as, with his blood in him I was an animal .” Feng Ning heard this, could not help but laugh, this man’s sense of justice is really interesting.

The two drunks stood with bare legs, pants hanging around their necks on it is written a curse they were tied to the market’s stakes. Feng Ning covered her eyes with her hands but peeped through her fingers, she feels this is a really great disposal method.

“Looking again? ” That swordsman found Feng Ning had turned around, he did not…

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