Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 3

Evida's Indo Romance


More hate shown towards our heroine by the Dragon Family, meanwhile her mysterious husband Long San is still MIA.

The Untrustworthy Mrs. Long San

Feng Ning without knowing what trouble she’s got into, she explored the entire house, she did not bump into anyone willing to speak to her and, of course, couldn’t find her Long San. This isn’t natural, in fact, she rashly thought about kicking down the door of the rooms, alas she could not do that.

Feng Ning walked around with a ghost like expression, watching the maid servant eyes, guessing the meaning behind those eyes, it is certainly a very embarrassing experience, Feng Ning had a faint feeling of sorrow and grief, but fortunately the tasty buns were there to console her broken heart. She gave her own drums and cheered, and then nothing happened when she was back in her small courtyard.

Xiaoqing was anxiously pacing…

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