Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 2

Evida's Indo Romance


I feel bad for Feng-Ning waking up to hostile environment without having any recollection of why and how come. I can totally understand that she need to get to the bottom of things. Not only to understand about the place where sh’e living in but also understand more about herself and her marriage. But somebody should actually tell her that kitchen raiding is not the way to go about it 😀

The Unpopular Mrs. Long San

Doctor Chen hurriedly ran, he checked Feng Ning’s head wound, he confirmed that the injury was improving, not life-threatening. But about this head injury, he can only surmise, he is afraid to talk. It was weird, very rare, he should say that the Third Mistres is okay? But she’s not okay, otherwise how do you explain her strange condition.

Feng Ning is also very helpless, but fortunately she managed to eat the meal. With a…

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