Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 15

Evida's Indo Romance

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of DFPD update last week! I had to go take a break to study for finals, but I’m planning on getting as many DFPD and Eastern Palace chapters out as I can before school starts.

This chapter is shorter than the rest, but it’s still adorable because of Long San and Feng Ning (who already seem like a couple if you ask me), and also takes another step to solving the mystery.


The Mrs. Long San who wins an inch and wants a mile

Long San’s heart stopped a beat from hearing her soft words, but quickly fixed his expression, and very fiercely said: “You are this annoying, if you’re not thrown, what use are you if you’re kept?”

Feng Ning sitting on the ground, turned her head and longingly glanced inside the room, she said: “I know martial arts, I can be…

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