Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 14

Evida's Indo Romance

The Hopelessly Muddled Mrs. Long San

Long San didn’t say anything for a long time, he looked over the room, then called Xiao Qing over: “Who has come to Furen’s place in the last few days?”

Seeing Long San’s expression, Xiao Qing was somewhat nervous: “There wasn’t really anyone, only Yu Mama comes over from time to time, Doctor Chen came to check her illness, there’s also the servant who brings the meals, otherwise, it would be two days ago Xia Er came over to deliver a new handkerchief.” Xiao Qing paused, and then added: “It was a new handkerchief from each courtyard.”

When Xia Er’s name came up, Feng Ning‘s heart stirred, could it be that the one who took the silk rope was also her? Long San’s countenance was normal, but he told Xiao Qing to tell the servants to prepare hot water, explaining that Feng Ning had…

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