Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 12

Evida's Indo Romance


Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the late releases, I’m sure Evida’s pulling her hair out trying to keep up with the schedule as I turn in late translations. I’ll try to figure something out, but for now, please be patient!

I also have to apologize about a mistake I did in translation in the last chapter when Feng Ning insults Long San. It’s actually a phrase in Chinese that I did not recognize, so I wrote it more literally, but it actually goes more along the lines of a ‘wasteful squanderer’. Basically someone who doesn’t bother with house affairs and likes to extravagantly waste money. (The line I’m talking about is when she insults him and then kicks him.)

This chapter reminded me of why I was so frustrated with Long San at the start, though he’s not even half as bad as Long Er in Three Marriages, but I…

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