Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 11

Evida's Indo Romance


Feng Ning is burdened with angst and guilt, but still striving to solve the mystery of her past. A lot of questions and self doubt begin to arise from her recent discovery. Hidden thoughts and an outburst that may well be a signs of  her blooming emotions.

The Mrs. Long San Who Unreasonably Makes a Scene to Vent

The rope’s thickness and color was indeed the same as the one she saw in Long San’s room that day. Feng Ning stared at those threads as if she saw a ghost, her heart beating wildly.

She couldn’t have, how could she have been capable of doing this kind of thing? But those silk ropes were undeniably vivid, very clearly right before her eyes, so many ropes, and all of them weaved into that fancy knot, seemingly the result of practice.

Feng Ning’s legs in a moment went weak, falling onto the chair. How could…

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