Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 10

Evida's Indo Romance

Karma: I’m sorry for the late update everyone, hopefully I’ll be getting back on schedule starting next week!

Afaasun: Well on the bright side, we get to read the 2 stories in one day, thanks for the great effort Karma………

In this chapter, Long San struggles with keeping his proximity with Feng Ning, while Feng Ning discovers new things about the past, and becomes one step closer to the truth.


Mrs. Long San Finds a Clue

Long San glared at Feng Ning, and Feng Ning glared back.

Long San said: “Do you actually still want to listen? ”

“I do. ” She replied grinding her teeth.

Long San was just about to continue speaking, when Feng Ning interrupted again and asked, “Then did my swine husband sleep in the same room as you afterwards?”

“Feng Ning! “Long San cried.

Feng Ning swiftly stood up and loudly said: “Why don’t you…

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