Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances (龙飞凤舞) – Chapter 1

Evida's Indo Romance


Follow the adventures of Feng Ning as she unravels the mystery of her past, hidden under a cloud of amnesia, and a new found romance with her estranged husband Long Fei.

The Memory Loss of Mrs. Long San

When consciousness penetrated her brain, she just woke up, with a splitting headache, and her ears buzzing. She strenuously opened her eye, she can see the faint moonlight, but all was in a blur. She seems to be lying on the cold ground, moving her finger, she can feel the icy water and damp earth, and her nose smelt the grass. As if she were in a field near the river.

She was gasping for breath, her head was in a great pain, she unconsciously raised her hand to touch it, only to find that her arm felt heavy, she tried to massage her head, but her hands was sticky with wet…

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