First Post!

Falling Stars, Falling Sky

Falling Stars, Falling Sky

Hi! This is my first post, and I’m not yet sure what I’ll be posting about, but it will most likely consist of my art, prose, and translations. Above is a drawing I finished a few months ago that I felt like sharing. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “First Post!

      • Apart from collaborating with Evida in “Dragons Flies and Phoenixes Dance” …. would you consider picking up another translations project?

        I couldn’t find an email to contact you so I guess I’ll just leave a message here.
        I’m looking for someone to collaborating in translation “Eastern Palace”, would you be interested?

      • I’ll have to think about that one because I know the ending is super depressing haha (I can’t handle too many sad feels). Could you maybe link me to the eBook? I haven’t looked at the Chinese text, so I don’t know whether my level of Chinese would be good enough to translate it.

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